Diver Dan Travers Underwater Media Specialist, Underwater Camera Operator, Marine Co-ordinator, Underwater Set Construction, Underwater Artiste Training Diver Dan Travers Underwater Media Specialist, Underwater Camera Operator, Marine Co-ordinator, Underwater Set Construction, Underwater Artiste Training
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8 x 2.4 metre (Large) Camera / Crane Boat fully mobilised on braked road trailer.

'Large Camera or Camera Crane Boat' + 175HP Yamaha 4-Stroke: Large Payload - Up to 12 people (incl. 'Skipper') + Camera or Crane Equipment (or an approx. total of 2000 kg). A very light and fast craft given its size and payload capabilities - with additional secure 'Dry Locker' space at the rear for particularly sensitive equipment and valuables.

The Bow / Front of this boat can be lowered like a 'landing-craft' to facilitate loading on a 'shoreline' where possible - Camera or Crane equipment can usually be wheeled straight-in and secured. This boat is also particularly good for filming, or tracking 'Hero' boats with a Camera Crane on board - as the crane arm or boom, enables camera close-ups of the 'Hero' boat occupants and areas inside. This is a bespoke Camera Boat with practical heavy-duty tie-down points located on the floor sides. The standard scaffold tube handrail allows the infinite location of a multitude of fixtures with couplings common to any film studio or 'set' - even down to the waterline - ideal for Grips.

*Both Camera Boats have a height-adjustable Camera Chair accessory: This quickly slides into the fixed scaffold tube receptacles and allows the Operator a 270 degree POV (with nothing in front or below) or being above and looking down on a subject.

*All boats come with the latest ultra-quiet Yamaha 4-Stroke outboards: Very low emissions; No waterborne pollutants emitted; 'Propguards' on every outboard - for safety; 'Suppressed' spark-plugs - so no 'interference' with any 'Sound Equipment'.

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Large Camera Boat with small GF Crane.

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Large Camera / Crane Boat with 2 x Alexa’s on ‘Head & Legs’ - Video Playback & Camera Crews.

Large Camera Boat - building the Crane on 'A Discovery Of Witches'

Large Camera Boat - building the Crane


5.5 x 1.83 metre (Small) Camera Boat fully mobilised on road trailer.

'Small Camera Boat' + 70HP Yamaha 4-Stroke: Upto - 6 x people (incl. 'Skipper')+ v. light Jib Arm or Libra-Head on Slider or Camera on Head & Legs / Bazooka etc. This is a very light and fast craft with exceptional low-speed handling and directional capabilities. Making tracking-shots of other boats - a breeze. (As used on the 2015 Feature - 'Swallows And Amazons').

Again the standard scaffold tube Perimeter Handrail allows the fixing of a multitude common couplings used in any film set or studio. The Handrail also allows the boat to be 'hand-gripped' in shallow water for short 'tracking' moves or even 'pinned to the ground' with braced vertical scaffold tubes to create an instant steady platform - e.g. in the middle of a river.

Inside at the Bow / Front - there are fixed heavy duty receptacles to allow the location of standard scaffold tubes enabling any Camera position to be achieved with ease - even right to the waterline: Or directly allowing the attachment of 'Hero Boats' for 'linked' POV shots, making filming them consistent and easier.


Small Camera Boat with low mode Slider set up on built-in scaffold mounting points. On location in the Lake District.


Small Camera Boat rigged with Remote Head.


Small Camera Boat rigged to Hero Boat.

Small camera Boat on 'A Discovery Of Witches' TV Drama with Camera & Hero Boat Rig

Small Boat rigged to Scull with underslung Alexa Mini.

Safety Boats

Safety Boat shadowing Large Camera Boat

4.50 metre x 1.80 metre Flat-Bottomed Inflatable Boat + 20HP Yamaha 4-Stroke Outboard, 4HP Mercury Outboard or an almost silent Electric Trolling Motor & 12v 110ah Battery.

This very lightweight craft is particularly ideal where access is difficult or restricted: Weighing just 89 kg without the Outboard - it can be carried, 'launched' or 'recovered' by 4 x Marine Dept. Crew. It can carry a total of 8 personnel or a 1250 kg payload and is hugely stable with oversize tubes.

Inflatable Safety / Utility Boat with (virtually silent) Electric Trolling Motor mounted at the front.

Camera Boats

We use Flat Bottomed Camera Boats as they have a relatively small wake or wash signature - meaning their effect on 'Hero' or other boats whilst being filmed on water, is minimal and more suitable compared to any 'V' shaped boat hull / RIB. They can also operate in much shallower areas of water than RIB's. Location dependant, Flat Bottom Boats can be positioned right up onto the 'shoreline' for easy loading and access. Having a 'flat bottom' and wide beam, means their inherent stability relative to their respective size, is second to none.

Conventional RIB's (Rigid Inflatable Boats) can be provided on request.